GAP Landfill Acquisition Announcement

GAP Disposal (2016) Inc. a southern Saskatchewan company owned by Mr. Glenn Pettersen, Mr. Cory Pettersen and Mr. Chris LaBossiere, have acquired the landfill operations based near Gladmar, Saskatchewan previously owned by Progressive Waste Solutions Canada Inc. of Vaughan, Ontario.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to acquire the landfill site, originally founded by Mr. Glenn Pettersen in 2001, and which serves oil and gas and other industrial segments across Saskatchewan. The GAP Disposal site is a professionally engineered and Provincially permitted landfill facility with a state-of-the-art geo-synthetic liner, an underground leachate collection system and perimeter monitoring wells” says Mr. LaBossiere, GAP partner.

Chris LaBossiere

Progressive Waste Solutions, which has owned the site since 2010, was committed to maintaining this economic advantage for the Gladmar region, and is pleased to be able to sell the site back to Mr. Pettersen and his partners.

About GAP Disposal (2016) Inc. A newly formed company, owned by holding entities controlled by Mr. Glenn Pettersen, Mr. Cory Pettersen and Mr. Chris LaBossiere. As the original founder of the site, Mr. Glenn Pettersen has over 15 years’ experience building and operating engineered landfill sites. Mr. LaBossiere has 17-year experience in the solid waste industry, including receiving a Manager of Landfill Operations certificate in 2002. Mr. Cory Pettersen has provided oilfield trucking and waste stabilization services since 2001.